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Trend Alert: Dark Lipstick

I’m having a lot of fun with this dark lipstick trend! Now that Fall is here, put away those pastel shades and bring out shades of plum, burgundy, oxblood and deep wine. Peep my pinterest page for a few colors that you should try out.

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Fire Lord Ye and Water Tribe Princess Kim

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has science gone too far


Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.

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So usually when @chia_habte sends me selfies, she would rather I not post em, but THIS one made me say GODDAMN, that’s ME right there!? I gotta show off!! Lol

雪の降る街 by (Ryu Dragon)


The adorable Canadian Marble Fox.

This is a public service announcement that this exists and it’s cute.

Nas, teaching the youth

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Cape genet (Genetta tigrina)

The Cape genet is a carnivore mammal, related to the African linsang and to the civets. It lives only in South Africa. Like other genets, it is nocturnal and arboreal. They prefer to live in the riparian zones of forests, as long as they are not marshy areas. Body length ranges from 49 cm to 60 cm and the tail from 42 cm to 54 cm. Their diet consists of animals such as: birds, spiders, scorpions, fish, and insects. Heavily adapted to arboreal living, the Cape genet often remains hidden during the day in a tree or takes strong cover on ground to avoid heat. At night the Cape genet becomes more active, using its strong eyesight and agile capabilities to be a highly effective predator. 

photo credits: Burrard-Lucas Brothers | Smashing Picture, shakariconnection, thegardensofeden